To create the space for building emotional leadership so that we can all human, better.


Hi, I'm Arch, founder of Arch Fuston Coaching & Consulting and Human, better with Arch. The statement above is my guiding purpose. My decisions, both personal and professional use this statement as a guide for navigating life. 


About Arch

Since 2007, Arch has worked with individuals and organizations navigate the obstacles between work, life, and well-being as Director of Employee Engagement at ACTIVE Network where he created, nurtured, and scaled an award-winning, highly-participated and effective wellbeing program known as ACTIVEx. In 2017, Arch started Human, Better! with the similar intention of guiding individuals and organizations towards building better environments for human thriving. He achieves this through mastering stress, building emotional leadership, and integrating engagement programs that move the masses from threat to thrive. Arch is a certified professional coach, a stress mastery educator, has a certificate in positive psychology through UPenn (via Coursera), and is a member of The American Institute of Stress. Arch likes people to know that he is just like you. His knowledge and experience don’t inoculate him from the challenges of life, but over the years he’s learned to experience those challenges, better.


A message from Arch

Hi - I’m Arch Fuston. I'm a life coach and award-winning corporate well-being consultant. More accurately, I'm just like you. I'm a spouse, a brother, a son, a "funcle", and a friend. I believe life is best lived outside, on a bike, and/or on the trails. I also believe exploring ourselves is one of life's greatest adventures.   


For over a decade, I’ve been creating environments of emotional leadership and personal well-doing for individuals and organizations. Guided by real-world experience and my education in the scientific understanding of human wants and needs, my knowledge and skill guide you in finding your way.


My experience in the corporate world provided me a front-row seat to understanding what makes organizations thrive, and what allows individuals to reveal and share their greatness. My personal experiences navigating my own journey put me on a path seeking the skills and knowledge to thrive in work and life.


Throughout this journey, I’ve cultivated my own life’s task: to create a space for emotional leadership so that people can become the best version of themselves. Whether it’s manifested in one’s physical well-being, emotional well-being, or professional well-being, I’ve experienced tremendous efficacy being led by this purpose.


Using this purpose as the foundation for building corporate human engagement programs has resulted in winning awards, winning the hearts and minds of those involved, and positively transforming the lives of thousands. I’ve helped lead a company of thousands through a corporate journey as a private company to a public company, back to private, sold to a PE firm, MOVED to another state, and eventually, sold to a public company. Throughout, I provided the emotional leadership needed to navigate the change.


Over the years, I’ve grown my guiding and consulting acumen–learning from the best therapists, well-being coaches, psychologists, and the leading researchers on the key elements of human flourishing–PERMAH, amplifying gratitude, goal-attainment, relationships with stress and anxiety, self-compassion, character, and resilience. Add to that a deep social intelligence for all levels of an organization, a leadership style that promotes a belief in one’s self and confidence in others, I believe my character strengths, talents and skills provide a package for amplifying individual and organizational greatness.


Personally, I am a husband, a son, a brother. I am a creative, an athlete, a compassionate friend, and confidante. I am a student of positive psychology, a life/leadership coach, and a mesearcher, always learning and training my gifts to be of service to myself and to others.

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