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Times Like These

Those that know me well are familiar with my slight obsession with the Foo Fighters. Where this obsession stems from is less well known, kept as such because it might be hard for some/most to understand. All that aside, perhaps my favorite song of all time now has a deeper, almost poetic meaning to it even beyond what endeared me to it in the first place. One of the single greatest mesearching discoveries I’ve had over the past twelve years is the Buddhist perspective of “impermanence.” That everything changes. Good times change to bad, and in time, back to good. Up and down, up and down. We best ride this rollercoaster of impermanence with the mindset that nothing is permanent. Everything c

Where we put our focus

Focus. Where we put it has a tremendous influence on the paths we choose. It influences the steps we take (or don't take). Where we choose to focus matters. A lot. And it is a choice. Before we gain (or lose) focus, we need to take a good look at our current mindset/belief of the specific situation. This can be a tough task without the awareness to do so. We typically go through life on autopilot, short-cutting to whatever we automatically believe. Many times, more serving reality awaits our consciousness. These patterns of thought are rooted in beliefs. These beliefs are mindsets that narrow our focus to our greater capabilities. A personal example, albeit one that has come with a certa

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