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Invest in a "Bigger" Data.

As a leader within a company, one of the most undervalued possession we have is data. NOT that kind of data, however.

The "A-Bomb"

Accounted for versus held accountable. Looking at people as human beings versus employees.


Freedom. A ubiquitous desire. Freedom of choice. Freedom of speech. Freedom to do. How about the freedom of thought? Or even better, freedom FROM thoughts? At times, our lives are spent in the emotional shackles of our negative self-talk and self-limiting beliefs. They keep us confined to a perception of self that chains us to a false sense of security. They keep us "safe" by providing certainty, even though the certainty certainly doesn't serve us. Those thoughts and beliefs have good intentions, as they're rooted in our safety, our security, our "survival," even if they feel senseless. They reveal themselves in many different ways–staying in a job for too long, doing what we "should" be do

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