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Stages of Life

Ever take a good hard look at what's behind your curtain of motivation? To question it, to explore it, and discover its source? When we do and do it with honesty and curiosity, we might discover we're living life on stage. Living life on stage is being motivated to do things for the approval and acceptance of others. To please. All in an effort to affirm the self. Living life on stage isn't motivated to do great things, but to avoid the perceived shame of not being great in the eyes of others, and in turn, the eye of yourself. I admit it, a good portion of my life was lived "on-stage." As a student, as an athlete, even the bulk of my professional career... most of these roles were performanc

Colorful Responding

To label this image as “red” is similar to labeling ourselves as “stressed,” or "happy." It’s an oversimplification that color blinds us from vital information about ourselves. It’s the easy, safe, yet non-inquisitive way out. Lost are details. Details saturated with information and truth, new perspectives of what we’re seeing, what we’re experiencing. Ignoring the details is the difference between reacting and responding. When we react to our emotions, we miss the opportunity to learn, to discover, to grow. Red is red, and we go with it and don't think a thing about it. We discard the entire box Crayons except for our two or three go-to's. When we respond to our emotions, we see colors in t

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