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Pausing Judgment

At least five of the seven days of the week, Christy, Kai, and I, start the day off with a run. As parents to a 100 lb. Rhodesian Ridgeback, not doing so isn't an option. At nearly 11 years old, he's still got it, albeit a little pokier than before. The running keeps him trim, keeps his world expanded, and is the foundation of his ongoing high-quality of life. Yet all of the above was rarely my focus with the run. My focus was on me. My health. My fitness. MY RUN. The pokiness, the Sir-Marks-Alot, all challenged the quality of the run and was met with narrow-minded judgment of Kai. For example, a recent run with Kai had me feeling like, "yeah, he's really cruising today, good boy!" Yet refle

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