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Free Yourself from the Chain of Command

I'd imagine we've all experienced it–the intimidation, the judgment, the bullying. It leaves you frozen in place or moved to take action out of fear and/or shame. You know it's not helpful or conducive to you. You know it only motivates you to give just enough. Yet it continues day after day and we never stand up to it. Sound familiar? That was my existence for the bulk of my athletic, personal, and professional life. Until I stood up to the bullying, the intimidation, the judgment cast upon me. And then things changed. I changed. You see, freeing yourself from the "Chain of Command" isn't about a manager, a coach, a parent or a spouse. It's freeing yourself FROM YOURSELF. No one oth

GOALS (Greatest of all letdowns?)

It's that time of year when we tend to set goals, or others ask us to set goals. Personal goals, work goals, "SMART" goals. Most of you have probably never experienced this, but occasionally goals end with an eventual meh. Especially the ones that were set for us, or that we'd been asked to set in benefit of someone else. Those types of goals don't seem all that smart when you better understand motivation. Or at least they could stand to be a bit more meaningful We tend to look at motivation as either intrinsic or extrinsic. Motivating us from within or externally. Ideally, all of our motivations are intrinsic, but that's near, if not totally, impossible. OK, so now what? Let's break it down

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