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Anxiety at Work

Last September, Christy and I hiked rim to rim at the Grand Canyon. It's an epic adventure and I highly recommend doing it. We hiked north rim to south rim, leaving at 3:30 AM. It was pitch black when we started, with only the light from our headlamps keeping us on the trail and out of the abyss. Work, much like my educational years, was a major source of anxiety. Crippling at times, I developed a massive aversion to it, doing everything in my power to avoid it. I suppressed it. I ignored it. I feared it. Yet I referred to it as "my anxiety." To the left of us, rocks and trees rising hundreds of feet above. To the right–nothing. Blackness. To the right was death. Stay close to the left–calm.

Being Confidently Uncertain

Yesterday, my mentor, Dr. Friedemann Schaub, asked me to join his Transformation Talk Radio Show to talk about confidence and lack there of. Doing so sparked this latest share. Enjoy! ––––––– Change. Growing pains. Risk-taking. At the core of these is uncertainty. Starting a business. A new relationship. An epic physical challenge. All come with uncertainty. What fuels uncertainty? Fear? If so, fear of what? Is it factual fear or perceived fear? Is it a consequence catastrophization? A self-limiting belief? An old, inaccurate assessment of yourself? These are the question I asked myself when mesearching. These are the questions I'd ask you. Those questions either destroy our confidence or fo

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