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The Vulnerabold™ Breakthrough Coaching Program

Imagine releasing the fears and anxieties, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck.  Can you see yourself doing so? This program is designed to guide you to towards what you want and who you want to be. How? By working at the subconscious and identity level of the self.


The Vulnerabold Personal Coaching Program is a flexible, customized plan. Each of us are unique and require a itinerary tailored to our own unique situation. The elements of the Vulnerabold Personal Coaching Program are what I've experienced as being the most effective in creating lasting change. Not everyone utilizes all the elements–what we use is dependent on what's required to get you where you want to go. 

How we'll get there.

Exploring where you are.

We each come to coaching for our own reasons. There's something happening (or not happening) in our lives that is no longer acceptable. We're ready to move. Understanding where we're at helps us to get clear on where we want to go, instead. It gives is a peek at the map you've been using to navigate life. There's a good chance that map is out of date--and we're going to fix it.

Get clear on what you want.

It's often much easier to know what we don't want--"I don't want to feel X anymore." or, "I don't want to do this job any longer." The problem is, this keeps us stuck in the problem. Clearly identifying what we want, and focusing most of our time on moving towards it, is how change is made. 

Identify root cause.

This is the heart of awareness, acceptance, and action, my three stages of transformation. Becoming aware of WHY we've been stuck, accepting that whatever it is, it began with a positive intention, and then taking the necessary action (everything below) to resolve it, is the path of transformation.

Connect to core values

Knowing what we want, but disconnected from why we care about it, is motivation's kryptonite. Quite often, connecting to one's core values is all it takes initiate change. Values are the fuel of future success. It's imperative to connect to them.

Identify and address subconscious conflicts and imprints.

Subconscious Inner conflicts are quite often the cause of our emotional turmoil. Imagine a part of you seeking change and another part telling you it's impossible. It's those types of conflicts that keep us stuck. Until that resistance is resolved, the conflicting “parts” will continue to fight for their own survival. Resolving this is one of the most, if not the most, effective ways to reconnect to ourselves, quite the mind, and discover a sense of wholeness.

Often, a reoccurring theme surfaces. A specific thought, and specific belief, that stands out above all else and thwarts progress. These are imprints--massive generalizations made about the self that are often the root cause of the suffering.

*Set free stored emotion.

Imagine cleaning out your emotional closet and filling it with new, well-fitting, up-to-date ones. The Mental and Emotional Release process allows us to show up to the natural experience of emotion with appropriate and warranted levels--allowing us to be more resourceful and responsive to life’s challenges. 

Challenge limiting beliefs.

Our beliefs are generalizations we’ve decided on and reinforced over time. When created, their intentions were most likely motivated by safety, connection, and/or respect/dignity. They're an operating system often outside of our awareness that often requires updating. We can identify and update them with something more accurate and aligned.

Enliven esteem.

What we think about ourselves has a lot to do with our quality of life. HOW we think about ourselves is where we explore to change it. We have a brilliant, albeit subconscious system for identifying ourselves as "this kind of person" or "that kind of person." The cool thing is that we can change it to better support getting with what we want.

Reconnecting with the body.

The body and the brain are inseparable. Whatever thought, trigger, or behavior is compromising our well-being, there's an embodied expression to surface and address.  

Build a new relationship with stress and anxiety.

Save the best for last, right? If ever there was an achilles heal for progress to personal well-being, it's these two. Yet, as much pain and discomfort that's associated with them, their intention isn't to hurt--it's to help ensure you "survive." The first step in changing our experience of stress and anxiety is changing our relationship with them. Doing so has a cascading affect on our entire human experience. 

A partnership.

The list of experiences and tools is an overview, not exhaustive. I'm constantly acquiring new ways of making effective change and will use all that I have to guide you safely and respectfully to where you wish to be. That's my commitment to you.


Change requires action. Every tool, awareness, and "ahhhaa!" must be utilized and followed up on. That's your commitment to the partnership. The purpose of the action is pattern disruption–we must short-circuit the neural connections of the engrained thoughts, embodiment, and behaviors keeping us stuck. 


All of what you've been experiencing isn't you–it's human. As a human, we have choice. We also have the ability to change. Let's lighten your load and take the action to get you where you desire to be.   

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