How to Stress, Better.

The goal isn't to get rid of stress. It's to get better at it.

How to Stress, Better! is intended to strengthen our emotional leadership so to better take on life’s challenges.


We’ll use the framework of awareness, acceptance, and action to better understand the science of stress, to open our minds so as to perceive stress and the automatic sensing, feeling, and thinking, different, and to move from reacting to stress to responding with it.


We’ll begin with exploring the purpose of stress and the neuroscience that supports it, We’ll explore our Stress Alerts–how stress uniquely alerts us to a real or perceived threat. We'll explore the Stress Load, our unique combination of demands (threats) and capacities (our ability “to handle” the threat), as well as our Stress Lens, our mindset of stress, the perceptions of the threats (demands), and beliefs about our capacity to handle them.


We take action with stress by recognizing our response-ability to respond versus reacting to stress: through demand-focused actions, capacity-focused actions, and body+brain+mind-focused actions. 

Finally, we learn how to commit to and implement a plan to engage in the actions, consistently, to change our relationship with stress.

My intention with How to Stress, Better is to help you increase your emotional leadership in the presence of stress. Some stress we choose, some chooses us. Understanding what we can do in each experience is the goal. When we do this, we not only stress better...

...We human, better.


60-Minute How to Stress, Better Keynote

This isn't a lunch and learn. It is an opportunity to broaden one's perception and understanding of stress and their relationship with it. When taking the information and actively applying it to oneself as well as towards others, positive change can happen–for the person and the organization. 


Personal Discovery Worksheet
Threat-to-Thrive Breathing Exercise
Access to 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20-minute Threat-to-Thrive Breathing Exercise audio files
Post-share Q+A


90-Minute How to Stress, Better Workshop

This is the same information sharing as the 60-minute keynote, however, we'll actively engage the Personal Discovery Worksheet as we progress through the information. We'll end the workshop with visualization exercise focused on "the choice." 


Personal Discovery Worksheet
Threat-to-Thrive Breathing Exercise
Access to 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20-minute Threat-to-Thrive Breathing Exercise audio files
Choice Visualization Exercise
Post-share Q+A 

2-Hour How to Stress, Better Workshop

This 2-hour workshop follows the 60-minute How to Stress, Better share.

It includes all the above, and focuses heavily on setting a "stress, better goal" and implementation plan to commit to. It goes through an extensive process of defining the goal, describing the goal, defending the goal, and doing it. This is an interactive, group exercise, that can leave your people well equipped to engage in life–professionally and personally– better.    


All of the above, plus the define, describe, defend, and do it exercise.
Post-share Q+A 


Organization Feedback

I seek feedback. It's how we get better and ensure we're meeting people where they are with what they need. This feedback has helped me deliver "the right" information that helps us adapt and move forward. I've had the honor of sharing with wonderful organizations that put the wellbeing of their humans at the forefront:

San Diego Family Law Center (February 2020)

The Mayo Clinic (February 2020)

San Diego Unified School District - Keynote (March 2020)
Sunkist (March 2020)
UCSD School of Medicine
San Diego Family Law Center

HUB International

UCSD Center for Community Health

Live Well at Work

Rescue Social Change Group

HR Café

Chosen Foods



Total Gym

Ignite San Diego
KIDS in the GAME

"Arch made such an impact on our team when he came in to share with us “How to Stress Better!” that one visit wasn’t enough. Two weeks after his original presentation Arch came back in and blew us all away again!

What really made our experience with Arch over-the-top was the fact that he made connections between his presentation and our work which hit home for those of us fortunate enough to attend. We would, without hesitation, have Arch back in again and are already benefiting from his lessons." – Organization Host

"This is the first time we have had someone receive almost a perfect score on their evaluations, another hint that shows I missed out on a great meeting.  It would appear that your personal style of interaction is what makes you so successful at connecting with your audience." – Organization Host

"Responding rather than reacting! You are an amazing speaker and I appreciate you for sharing!"

– Participant


 “Thank you for helping me to create a new understanding around stress. You made a statement, "I am not stressed, I am experiencing stress"; that about knocked me over! Lastly, the power of calming myself with breathing. I have heard this message many times before but the '1-minute' practice felt doable and not disruptive or something I need to find time to do."

– Program Participant 

 I had the opportunity to speak to a special group of Iowa State University seniors about adapting to change and the inherent stress that comes with it. These kids, like many others, have lost out on the graduation they'd always dreamed of--yet reframed their situation to share a story of resilience, optimism, and curiosity when their first interview question is, "how do you handle adversity?"


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