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Colorful Responding

To label this image as “red” is similar to labeling ourselves as “stressed,” or "happy." It’s an oversimplification that color blinds us from vital information about ourselves. It’s the easy, safe, yet non-inquisitive way out.

Lost are details. Details saturated with information and truth, new perspectives of what we’re seeing, what we’re experiencing. Ignoring the details is the difference between reacting and responding.

When we react to our emotions, we miss the opportunity to learn, to discover, to grow. Red is red, and we go with it and don't think a thing about it. We discard the entire box Crayons except for our two or three go-to's.

When we respond to our emotions, we see colors in their full spectrum, providing ourselves an opportunity to stop, think, interact and engage with them, contemplate their meaning... much like the Mona Lisa in the Louvre. Doing so brings with it the choice–a sense of control over our thoughts and feelings that ignites the behaviors that better paint the life masterpiece we imagine for ourselves. Respond colorfully, aspiring artists.


Arch Fuston, CPC

Arch Fuston is a certified professional coach and executive leadership consultant works with individuals and organizations to better navigate the obstacles of work and life through self-improvement and emotional leadership. His 25+ years as a leader within corporate America combined with 12+ years of coaching individuals amplifies his gifts of listening, connecting, motivating and meeting people where they are to adapt and move forward. Working with Arch focuses not on well-being, but well-doing.

To schedule a free, 20-minute consult with Arch on how you can get yourself beyond your resistance, leading by example, or simply making yourself accounted for, contact him at arch@archfuston.com

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