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Free Yourself from the Chain of Command

I'd imagine we've all experienced it–the intimidation, the judgment, the bullying. It leaves you frozen in place or moved to take action out of fear and/or shame. You know it's not helpful or conducive to you. You know it only motivates you to give just enough. Yet it continues day after day and we never stand up to it. Sound familiar? That was my existence for the bulk of my athletic, personal, and professional life. Until I stood up to the bullying, the intimidation, the judgment cast upon me. And then things changed. I changed. You see, freeing yourself from the "Chain of Command" isn't about a manager, a coach, a parent or a spouse. It's freeing yourself FROM YOURSELF. No one other than you controls your Chain of Command. That awareness alone is freeing. Our Chain of Command controls how we emotionally and cognitively engage with our individual environments. I say "individual" because each of us lives in our own world, our own reality of the world. Our individual life experiences create this "reality," reinforced by the beliefs we've formed to support this reality and guide our existence. Our Chain of Command begins with the emotional state we take into our day. Based on this existing emotional state, we're primed to react to 1) situations, with 2) an emotionally-influenced thought, followed by 3) a feeling generated by the thought, and then 4) an action/inaction (or a reaction or response), which, 5) leads to an outcome. That's the "Chain of Command" that matters the most. Recognizing how your emotional state influences your thoughts on any given situation, how those thoughts trigger a feeling that either motivates you to approach or cautions you to avoid, lead you to outcomes that either support you or not. Outcomes that either moves us forward or backward or KEEP US SAFE (a paradox for another article). I refer to standing up to your Chain of Command (including all other insights and actions that help us human, better), exuding "Emotional Leadership." As a coach, my purpose is in creating a space for emotional leadership within my clients, so they can become a better version of themselves. It's what we all desire, what we seek–to keep building our competency as a human being. As a parent, as a professional, as a person. I share all of this from my experiences: Transformation happens here. Why? Emotional leadership puts you at the top of your Chain of Command. – Arch

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