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Life on Purpose

Exploring purpose is just that–an exploration of ourselves, our motivations, our strengths, and our innate gifts just waiting to be shared with the world.

The exploration of purpose is best motivated by a desire to create momentum, not the avoidance of current-state discomfort.

Being motivated by the desire for avoidance is focused on survival.

Being motivated by the desire to adapt and keep moving forward is focused on flourishing.

When we explore purpose, we're seeking clarity. Clarity of direction. Clarity of intention. Clarity of who's actually at our steering wheel of life and if they're driving the direction WE wish to go.

When we explore purpose, we're seeking to gain confidence.

Confidence in our direction. Confidence in our intention. And confidence in ourselves to perhaps finally take the wheel and drive.

When we explore purpose, we're seeking to gain congruence. Congruence of the self and our careers. Congruence with our self and our life. Self-congruence, in general.

Our psychology needs three things: autonomy, competency, and relatedness. When we find clarity, confidence, and congruence through purpose, we gain autonomy. We better trust ourselves, our decisions, our direction.

When we find clarity, confidence, and congruence through purpose, we're more competent in how we engage with the world.

And when we find clarity, confidence, and congruence through purpose, we're more relatable to the world, as we know why we're here, and what we're to contribute to humanity.

When's the best time for a purpose exploration? Only you have that answer. I can tell you that those that have explored their purpose knew the answer, meaning, they recognized their resistance, saw the opportunity to move towards something different, and took action.

And that action has been super cool to see: career changes, relationship evolutions, the accepting of bigger, once fearful challenges, and gaining a genuine sense of freedom.

If discovering your purpose seems too self-focused, it's actually bigger-than-self. The impact and positive effect you have on that and those around you is amplified. Why? Easy–you're finally living and exuding truth.

About 6 months ago, I worked with a mesearcher on the specific goal of helping her find purpose. This wasn't a desperate need for purpose but an innate desire for the clarity of a new lens for focusing on how to human, better.

We spent 7 hours (in one sitting) discovering, unearthing, evaluating, and crafting a statement of the soul, from the soul, that serves as a navigational tool for approaching life–personally, professionally–on purpose.

We met today, 6 months later, for an update. What she shared with me how her purpose has been manifesting itself made my heart swell, yet made total sense.

Professionally, she's part of an organization that's going through tremendous change. With change comes uncertainty, with uncertainty, comes worry, with worry, comes more uncertainty. It's a pattern of thinking and feeling that can lead to hopelessness.

But far less so when one is purposed.

She shared with me that her statement of purpose has surprised her in how it was manifesting itself in her life, that it was keeping her focused yet guiding her in a way she'd not expected. By having found access to her purpose–emotional access to it–it was having an impact not only her and how she was showing up to the change and challenges with a new sense of curiosity and confidence, but also on everyone around her.

When we're engaging in life with inner confidence and clarity, it not only impacts how we human, it helps those around us human, better. We put out waves of coordinated, coherent energy versus disorganized waves of nausea. By knowing how to show up to change in a purposeful state, our thoughts, our feelings, our actions, and our outcomes are a direct reflection of our purpose.

Finding purpose is bigger than self. It's not about you. It comes from you, but it's not about you. It's not ego-based. It's not about achievement or material gain. It's direction. It's intention. And it's focused attention. "To create a space for genuine connection so that people can access their authenticity." This is the foundation of purpose she now builds on. Each word curated from deeply personal and meaningful experiences in her life. It is her north star–a guide for staying on or getting back on her chosen path, keeping aligned with her truth.

Imagine asking yourself, "does this situation provide me the opportunity to create space for genuine connections?" Whether the answer is yes or no, the guidance still remains. It provides direction on how to generate meaning in a situation devoid of it. It provides confidence in situations where we feel less than confident.

For me, personally, I'm constantly asking myself, "is this an opportunity for helping people increase their emotional leadership?" Having this as my guide has led to quite a few high-quality no's.

I've worked with many clients to discover their purpose. Doing so requires an intention, it takes trust, it demands vulnerability and honesty to access it. And when they do, and they have had time to apply to the context of their lives, they find a new way to live. In doing so, you human, better.


This episode of The Human, Better Podcast was recorded at Landcruiser Studios. Discovery Starts Here.

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