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Why coaching?

You acknowledge you're stuck–in a career, in a relationship, in an old sense of self. Perhaps most important, you've decided that there's more to you and this life than what you're allowing yourself to experience. That awareness finally outweighs the reasons to stay the same. I get it–been there. Done that.

Here's why this awareness is such an important step:

All the resources necessary for personal, positive change are already within you. You're capable of, have the capacity for, and gaining the confidence to adapt and move forward.

What stands between the current, conditioned you and an authentic you, most commonly, is this: Old, subconscious patterns and programs of thinking, feeling, and doing, old self-limiting beliefs, old stored emotion, and an old, incongruent sense of self.

All of the reasons mentioned are not to be taken personally. It's not "you...," it's human. It's how humans collect, store, and access the information that keeps us "surviving." All we know is who we've been, and we continue to move through life using the same view of ourselves and the world, experiencing the same unfulfilling, yet familiar and certain outcomes–supporting our survival.

The purpose of coaching is to guide you towards discovering and living a more truthful, accurate, and desired "you" that goes beyond surviving. Coaching expands a sense of choice of how we see the world and see ourselves by using tools and techniques that rebuilds one's internal foundation so we can thrive.

How do we do it? Well, we go to work on it. We identify, disrupt, and replace the old programs and patterns, take a load off by releasing old, stored emotions, detach from old beliefs and connect with new ones, and re-create our sense of self that's far more "you."

How long does it take? It depends on whether or not we're ready to release it. The act of questioning the possibility of coaching is the first step, as it signals to the subconscious mind, "I think I'm ready or something different." From there, we either reinforce the readiness by taking further action, or we don't. Both decisions are rich with important information and deserve greater reflection and understanding. This is one reason a coach will provide an initial discovery call--to gauge one's willingness for change. Willingness to change is very different than the desire for change. The other reason a coach will provide a discovery call is to help you discern the differences between willingness and desire, as they come with polar opposite motivations--which has a dramatic impact on the stability of long-term change.

Listen, I'm a product of really good coaching. The tools I use are the same ones that worked so well for me. This intimate knowledge of and appreciation for these tools are a big factor in the efficacy of this breakthrough process. The other, perhaps even more important part, is this: you and me. Our connection, the trust we build, the vulnerability we share, and the care we provide each other throughout the entire experience. This combination–identifying the patterns and programs, releasing the stored emotions, replacing self-limiting beliefs, resolving inner conflicts, solidifying a strong sense of self, and doing it from a shared compassionate curiosity is how we'll breakthrough to you.

- Arch