Client Feedback

I ask for feedback from all of my clients. Individuals, organizations, everyone.
It's the lifeblood of progress and a source of wisdom. Here's what a few of them had to say

“I see coaching as an opportunity to invest in yourself. And, like any good investment, if you put a little in every day, the value grows over time. As I’ve moved along in my professional career, I’ve found that many of the challenges I face have less to do with technical know-how or skill and more to do with personnel or political issues and change management. And, while I can read about others key learnings or seek advice from valued mentors, often times the underlying opportunity for growth has to do with me. Taking things less personally, understanding my big “why”, diagnosing my reaction to people and circumstances, understanding when and why my value feels jeopardized, and so on. 

Working with a coach, like Arch, gives me the tools to better understand myself, which in turn, gives me a bit of grace and takes off some of the pressure I put on myself. Building out my toolbox has given me a way to look at old patterns, decipher what is real versus a story, and ground me in a clear purpose of why I show up to work every day. The lines are blurry though between work and life which means, as a result of the coaching with Arch, I am ultimately learning who I am at my authentic core, and building the confidence to be sure that person shines every day at work and beyond. 

Arch has a gift as a coach. He asks inquisitive questions, he stays genuinely curious in you and your issues, and his passion and knowledge for this work is contagious. He is a trusted confidant who kindly invites you to bring your raw vulnerability and honest reflections to the table so that your biggest growth and change can occur. He becomes your advocate, a partner, a guide, a friend and he’s doing his life’s work as a coach. The more people Arch can help, the more they can help themselves and others.”

Coaching Client

"Finding a coach is an interesting process because the field is fairly new and unregulated, and there seem to be a ton of them out there. I interviewed 4 coaches, all women, before sitting down with Arch. “Just so you know I am pretty certain I want a female coach” were the first words out of my mouth. I left the meeting knowing he’d be my guy. In hindsight that decision was the first step in my journey toward a better version of myself.  

I chose to work with Arch for several reasons. One, he is a kind human with and earnest and genuine desire to help people. He also comes from a corporate background and is well studied, credentialed and diversified in the field of coaching. Most importantly he asked a ton of question, more questions than anyone else I interviewed, and made a few observations during our initial meeting that I couldn’t ignore.  

Working with a coach is not what I expected. I knew we’d get down dirty but I also thought we’d set goals, create plans and benchmark progress based on tangible milestones. We did not do the latter for a simple reason - I am already good at that! Arch got under the hood, and in the most respectful and kind way challenged me on the things in life that have the biggest impact - the words I choose, the lens I see things through, and the meaning I assign to the people, things and situations around me. At times he was really annoying, and part of me feels like nothing changed because my life looks similar to the way it did when we started. However, that could not be further from the truth. Arch guided me in moving some serious boulders.

Today I am a happier and more peaceful version of myself. My relationship with my work and my family has improved. I see strengths I never saw or honored before and have more confidence in myself and in my decision-making skills. I’m also 100% more aware of the things I do, say and think that takes away my power. It’s neat to rediscover myself at age 42, and even more exciting to think about what’s possible on this path. Having a coach like Arch has been a great addition to my life."

Coaching Client

“To say that working with Arch has been life-altering would be an understatement. Having been stuck in a career crossroads for about two years and having tried just about anything to find my way out had left me feeling defeated and overwhelmed.

When I met Arch I just knew there was something different about his approach, I was still a bit hesitant but sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith. I am so glad I took this leap.  Arch has shifted my perspective in a way that allows me to now know very clearly where emotions such as doubt, joy, fear along with many others are rooted.  With practice, I can now, rather quickly categorize a thought and clear it out of my thoughts and move on.

He educated me in how fears present themselves in our brain and how to acknowledge them but not allow them to take control.  This has been extremely powerful for me and has allowed me to know that I can tackle any obstacles that I may encounter as I embark on anything new going forward. 

This has allowed me to get out of my own way and take the steps needed in a direction that will allow me to reach my goals, my potential.

Having worked with 4 personal and business coaches in the past 15 years of being in business I can definitively say that my results here are like nothing I’ve ever achieved.  I believe this is not only due to the system employed by Arch but Arch himself.  His approach is one that lacks any judgment or condescension.  He heard me, heard my goals and intentions and guided me through getting myself there so I own my success.  

I know very clearly that I will be working with Arch for years to come in some capacity to help me get to my future goals in a more efficient manner.”

Coaching Client

 Through this process of working with Arch I have been able to dive deep into myself to uncover, understand and accept many life altering truths about myself. This deep understanding of myself has helped change my perception of the world around me; I truly believe I am on the way to becoming the best version of myself, not just on paper but at my core. In the past couple of months Arch has given me the emotional tools to manage my stress, change my perception on “challenges”, and combat negative self-talk. The shift in mindset has overflowed to all areas of my life and I am excited to continue the journey to become the best version of myself.

Coaching Client

"We ask for evaluation feedback from our attendees and the attached document is a summary of what we received for your event.  This is the first time we have had someone receive almost a perfect score on their evaluations, another hint that shows I missed out on a great meeting.  It would appear that your personal style of interaction is what makes you so successful at connecting with your audience."

How to Stress, Better! Client

I have been working with Arch Fuston as his coach and mentor since April 2018. During my more than 15 years of experience, I have rarely met a client, who is as engaged and talented as Arch. Besides his impressive personal and professional background, Arch has also an ability to comprehend, implement and convey even the most complex information in an easily relatable and applicable way.

I highly recommend Arch as an outstanding expert on how to deal and manage stress in one’s professional and personal life. The unique combination of his wealth of knowledge, his dedication and commitment to his work and his warm, engaging and uplifting personality make him an excellent coach, speaker and inspiration for anyone, who is lucky to work with him.

Coaching Mentor

Arch - Thank you for helping me to create a new understanding around stress. I desired to stay longer for the Q&A session and thank you for the engagement - I sincerely felt your desire for us to get it. A few aspects resonated with me - - defining & understanding stress load and how awareness around this piece can help me accept, grow capacity and respond in a more healthy way. Also, you made a statement, "I am not stressed, I am experiencing stress"; that about knocked me over! Lastly, the power of calming myself with breathing. I have heard this message many times before but the '1-minute' practice felt doable and not disruptive or something I need to find time to do. Thank you, again!

How to Stress, Better! Participant


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