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Organizational Leadership Coaching

Helping professionals elevate their emotional leadership and grow as human beings.

Service Description

Let's grow your emotional leadership. Stress. Anxiety. Imposter Syndrome. Burnout. These "causes" of discomfort are as prevalent now as ever. Yet these are symptoms. Not causes. And each comes with its own message that we must seek to understand. Not "manage" or try to eliminate. From C-suites to individual contributors, having a resource to navigate the personal and professional challenges with an experienced coach can be a massive game-changer at the individual and cultural levels. Listen, we're humans, first, individuals, second, and employees, third. Coaching to that order helps to make the lasting change that positively benefits all aspects of one's career and contribution to a company. I use my 25+ years of corporate experience to relate, short-circuit, and reset what it means to be a leader the corporate world. It's no longer a position for the few. Leadership is a disposition for all. As a former corporate wellness director, individual coaching is one of the greatest resources you can provide your people. And when the ROI you associate with coaching is focused on their personal growth instead of performance, it impacts your organization at the human level. An organization is nothing without its humans.

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