Let's navigate the obstacles
holding you back and begin
to human, better.

Hi, I'm Arch Fuston.

Leadership Coach

Stress Mastery™ Educator

I help guide individuals and organizations to navigate the obstacles that hold them back so they can begin to human, better. Whether you're seeking greater clarity of where you wish to go and whom you wish to be, identify and remove the visible and unknown obstacles blocking your way, or creating a work environment built on trust, empathy, and compassion, I'll partner with you gain the awareness, acceptance, and action necessary for you and others to human, better. 

Working with Arch

Personal and Professional Transformation

Personal Coaching

As some point in our lives, we each have that "pebble in the shoe" that slows us down. It might be anxiety or stress, it could be a lack in confidence, or perhaps a lack of clarity and sense of purpose. Fortunate are those that have it all figured out. For the rest of us, we can choose to either let life be, as is, or learn to adapt and move forward. I can promise you the exploration in doing so will be your greatest adventure. If and when you choose to begin, I'd welcome the opportunity to be your guide.  

Basics, Level 1

Human, Better Basics Level 1 is a 28-day awareness exercise, focused on capturing 3 good things that have happened throughout each day, one example of how the Universe showed up to support your growth and goals, and as many captures of self-forgiveness that you may require. Each week, we'll meet as a group to share our captures with each other. Participants are provided a workbook, additional resources, and a weekly Zoom session with the group.

Organization Coaching

You're an organization that values personal and professional growth. You have big goals that require big commitments to achieve your goals. Nothing shows support to an organization like providing access to a coaching resource. From C-suites to contributors, having a resource to navigate the personal and professional challenges with a safe, unbiased, and experienced coach can be a massive game-changer for the individual and the organization.    

The Explorer Sessions

The Explorer Sessions is a weekly small-group coaching experience where we explore curious questions about  focused growing our emotional leadership. Each group is kept to 5-6 explorers so to provide the best experience in traversing the answers. Each group of explores are committed to a three-month expedition. 

Have a group of 5 open-minded and adventurous friends that seek to live, better? Let's go. 

Keynote: How to Stress, Better.

Stress. We focus on eliminating it, when, in fact, engaging it is the better option. Through this keynote, we'll focus on adapting your perception of stress and your relationship with yourself while "in it.". We'll explore it through the lenses of awareness, acceptance, and action, and do so using the most important "tool" view stress, better. Along the way, we'll learn the exercises interventions that help us to not only stress better, but to human, better.


I get to facilitate multiple networking groups, leading discussions that lead to meaningful experiences. As well, I help create a similar, organization-wide, Zoom-based experience that connects your people beyond the x's and o's of their roles and responsibilities. Resilience-building, growth-mindset cultivating, and most importantly, growing leadership not as a position, but as a disposition across entire organizations. 


My approach to human, better.

Awareness. Acceptance. Action.

Personal growth is an adventure. When seen as such, you open your mind to the possibilities of something different. 


It takes an awareness of where we are and where we're wishing to be. This is all about self-discovery: better awareness of our beliefs, thoughts, motivations, and actions. These are the obstacles that keep you off your path.


Acceptance comes in the form of understanding, appreciating, and embracing all stages of your journey. When we begin to accept that so much of our discomfort is the result of "our humanness," we open our minds to thinking differently.


It's our response-ability to do, different. When we stop reacting as humans and start responding to life with the gained awareness and acceptance of our true self, we human, better.

A little about Arch

To create the space for emotional leadership so that we can begin to human, better.

I love to coach. Perhaps it's because I am the product of wonderful coaching. Perhaps it's because I'm the son of an award-winning child psychologist that grew up in a home that talked about feeling. Even with that, I haven't always had life figured out. In fact, I've spent the past 15+ years earning what I refer to as my "MEh.D." in learning how to myself human, better.


I've learned from some of the greatest minds and practitioners in the field of personal growth, neuroscience, and positive psychology, and would take great care in sharing what I've learned, experienced, and utilized to help other to human, better.

Human, better BASICS Workbook

My first book, "Human, better BASICS" is a 9-week workbook that builds awareness, acceptance, and action around three elements of how we can human, better: Appreciation for the good things, recognizing when the Universe reveals its support for you, and practicing the art of self-forgiveness. 


Throughout, I'll guide you up a few additional "side trails" leading you to spectacular views of yourself and how you're viewing your internal and external world.

My first book is available on The Book Patch bookstore for $15.00, and includes an invitation to an on-going, Monday afternoon (4 PM, PST) Zoom session where we share some of our captures from week. To join, send me an email, I'll send you the link!

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