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"How can I have all this success and still feel unfulfilled."
I work with burnt-out high-achievers who are frustrated and unfulfilled, even with all their successes. Together, we go deeper than conventional coaching to get them out of their own way and accessing new possibilities that have been unimaginable or felt out of reach for far too long. 

Many paths bring people to coaching.

Whichever path you're currently on, know that you're on it for a 'good reason.' It's OK. For now. Your relationship towards yourself and the path is like your compass. Quite often it's directing you in circles, unable to move forward. How do we stop circling and start moving forward?


We discover this when we explore inside. 

Exploring together.

Availability, consistency and deservedness. These are the core requirements for us to work together. 


You are available for this. Are you ready to unfold into your vulnerabilities and explore the "good reasons" mentioned above? Curiosity and compassion are wonderful (and necessary) companions.  


You are you ready, willing, and able to do the work. Working with me requires a commitment to each other to do what's necessary--even when the old ways of doing things want to take over. 


You believe that you're capable and deserving of something better. You're also forgiving of yourself for where you are. Both are necessary, if not required for unfolding your Self.

Does this feel like you? If so, take a look at the three different ways we can work together. If you're not sure, let's spend 30 minutes together to get a sense of your "readiness for exploring."

Programs and Pricing

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