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Exploring with presence


Vulnerabold Sessions: Exploring with presence is an ‘active introduction’ to making presence a present part of your life. If you’re open to exploring yourself, and doing so in the company of others, this program is my ‘present’ to you for being Vulnerabold.   

What is presence in the context of personal growth?

Presence is an awareness of what is here, now. It is what allows us to notice what is mentally, physically, and emotionally happening within us in relation to what is happening around us.

What makes presence important?

Presence provides us deeper understanding of ourselves and our interactions with the world. It allows us to:
- Notice how and where the body, the mind, and emotions react to specific situations 

- Be supportive of ourselves and others in moments of discomfort 

- Give attention to the parts of us that are in pain

- Nurture a more intimate connection with oneself and the world around you

What makes presence a superpower?

Presence is a superpower because it enables us to:

- Gain an intimate awareness of our current physical, emotional and mental state

- Cultivate choice in how we respond to and interact with ourselves, others, and the world around us

- Bring our subconscious felt-sense experience into conscious awareness

- Engage life authentically by no longer ignoring and suppressing what we sense, feel, and intuit

About Vulnerabold Sessions: Exploring with Presence

Second Wednesday of each month
Beginning Wednesday, April 10
2:30 - 3:30 PM Pacific


via Zoom
(link provided upon signup)


Participants are provided the opportunity to reciprocate financially based on their perceived value of each session.


Limited capacity
Each session will be kept under 10 participants


Who is this for?

Vulnerabold Sessions is for those seeking to connect with others over a meaningful, insightful, and transformational conversation, and grow from it.


You’re an explorer. You move towards understanding yourself better. You recognize your old limitations and have decided it’s better to acknowledge them, learn from them, and move on from them. You seek

to be “vulnerabold.”


At the same time, you’re sharing in and contributing to the exploration of others, connecting through the common humanity that binds us.


Does this sound like you?


Your engagement is the catalyst for making personal positive change. As well, your answers often unlock something in someone else, creating a connection or an acceptance that wasn’t accessible, previously. THAT is the power in being Vulnerabold, together.

What it's not.

Please know this is not a replacement for therapy. If you are requiring the support of a medical professional, I encourage you to seek that out. It’s a beautiful showing of self-worth and self-compassion.

The purpose of coaching is to support another human in unfolding, accessing choice for how we experience ourselves and life. It's the Vulnerabold thing to do.

For more information about Vulnerabold® Sessions, get in touch today.

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